What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is a discreet window that is installed to the interior side of the room. Readily available in different styles to suit all window types, secondary glazing will reduce sound levels breaching your main windows and increase thermal effectiveness. As it doesn’t alter the fabric of the structure, secondary glazing can be installed within Conservation locations and Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings. Secondary glazing is typically installed to fight two primary problems; Acoustic and Thermal performance. No other type of glazing can decrease noise levels by up to 80% (which is the equivalent of 54 dB). Another benefit of secondary glazing is that it provides an increased level of security. If your main windows are forced open, secondary glazing serves as a second barrier as it can’t be opened from the exterior. Often used in conjunction with single, double, and triple glazed uPVC or wood windows. Secondary glazing boasts a distinct performance that is unmatched by any other window system

Does Secondary Glazing Work?

Yes! Your house will take advantage of outstanding levels of thermal performance and noise decrease when you install our Secondary Glazing. It also functions as a 2nd barrier versus undesirable burglars, helping to keep your house safe and secure!

What are the types of Secondary Glazing?

There are six primary kinds of secondary glazing! Raise out Units – Used when the primary window is fixed, or when the primary window is needed to open for ventilation. Hinged Units – These systems are utilised with Sash or Hinged Primary Windows. Vertical Sliders – The perfect addition to vertical sliding sashes. Indicating the meeting rails line up with the primary window conference rail. Horizontal Sliders – Used in conjunction with casement or sash main windows. That requires complete gain access to and where the sash window has adequate space internally to open the secondary glazing. Bespoke – Ideal for more traditional properties, secondary glazing can be installed to special primary windows. Fixed – Used for an independent window that is fitted internally.

How reliable is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary Glazing can be an extremely effective method of boosting thermal effectiveness, security, and noise decrease in your home! The 2nd window acts as a barrier between your home and the outside world.

Can you include Secondary Glazing to existing windows?

Yes! The whole style of Secondary Glazing is that it sits in the exact same window frame as your existing window. The ideal option to get all the advantages of double glazing without replacing your existing windows!

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